4-DAY VIBWORKS Training Class

This course introduces the student to the VIBWORKS software and vibration hardware. The student will learn the necessary skills to successfully use the VIBWORKS software and vibration hardware in their reliability program.

Vibworks Vibration Analysis Training


Hardware: Button operation, cables, sensors and tablet.


  • Vibration database management
  • Vibration data collection


  • Introduction: VIBWORKS main window operation, general settings and layout.
  • Database: Creating a new database and open/edit an existing vibration database.
  • Route Function: Creating and editing machine routes.
  • Measurement Data: Evaluating measurement data and trends, optimizing data, generating database, statistics, alarms, graphics and measurement reports.
  • 4k Analysis: How to utilize the advanced analysis tools for a much faster and thorough analysis of the collected vibration data.

Student should have basic knowledge of FFT, machine fault diagnosis experience, vibration analysis, and some understanding of balancing principals. Level 1 Vibration Certification recommended. Some exposure to data collection methods is helpful, but not required.


Classes are limited to 18 participants. We furnish classroom facilities, training materials, training simulators, and one computer per 2 students. Our training coordinator will be happy to provide scheduling information, registration forms, and assistance with hotel accommodations, car rentals, etc.

Classtime:  8:30am – 4:30pm (Lunch included)

*Equipment rental available. Contact us or call us at (305) 591-8935 for pricing.

See our Vibration Training Schedule for our Regional or our Miami Training Center classes.


Onsite Group Training
We can bring this class to you, classes are limited to 6 participants. You furnish an instrument to be used in the training course, a classroom with a large erasable marker board, 4 color markers, a projector and projection screen. We furnish an additional instrument, training simulator* and all training materials.


2-Day VIBWORKS Advanced Analysis

Covers the following 3 programs:

  1. RTAnalyzer: In this module, the user is shown how to collect advanced data which is not collected as part of a route, such as advanced FFT’s and cross channel phase.
  2. Order Analysis: This module allows the user to capture Start-up or Coast-down data based on a trigger signal. Waveform data can be extracted for specific or multiple orders.
  3. Impacting: Within this module the user can collect frequency response functions, Coherence Calculations, Impact and responses, Waveforms and FFT’s. Averaged FRF can be analyzed in Bode, Nyquist plots and exported to several file formats such as UFF, Excel, Tdms, Matlab.

1-Day VIBWORKS Supervisor

This module was designed with Reliability Leaders in mind, it provides reliability staff with statistical data and KPI’s needed for the decision making process.

2-Day VIBWORKS Balancer

This course delivers comprehensive knowledge of the principles of machine dynamic balancing and the methods to measure unbalance and correct it, with emphasis on dynamic balancing technology and its functionality.

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