3-DAY VIBXPERT® Training Class

Vibration Analysis Class with Instructor and Students
  • Small class, individual help, paced as necessary.

    –LUDECA Student


Hardware: Joystick and button operation, cables and sensors, PC communication cable, battery, LED evaluation, memory, left hand Enter button and daylight sensor.


  • Device Manager
  • File Manager
  • Multi-Mode: Overall, Shock Pulse, Speed, Temperature, Phase, User AC, Coastdown,Time Waveforms, Spectrums, Voltage signals and Cepstrums.
  • Route Mode: Visual inspections and manual inputs
  • Machine Templates


  • Introduction: Loading, licensing, and registering of the OMNITREND® and device drivers. OMNITREND® main window operation, general settings and measure data viewer, machinery manager and route editor.
  • Database: User rights, demo database, creating a new database, multi-edit, machine templates, communication, device selection, report selector, print and help option.
  • Route Function: Creating and editing VIBCODE® or Machine Scan routes, multi-task, transferring routes to the VIBXPERT®, uploading the route with measurement data, and adaptive trigger measurement task.
  • Measurement Data: Evaluating measurement data and trends, optimizing data, Multi-views, Multi-Mode import function, generating database, statistics, alarms, graphics and measurement values reports.

Student should have basic knowledge of FFT, machine fault diagnosis experience, and vibration analysis. Level 1 Vibration Certification recommended. Some exposure to data collection methods is helpful, but not required.


Onsite Group Training
We can bring this class to you, classes are limited to 6 participants. You furnish an instrument to be used in the training course, a classroom with a large erasable marker board, 4 color markers, a projector and projection screen. We furnish an additional instrument, training simulator* and all training materials.

PC requirements at your facilities:
A computer with Windows operating system per this system requirements and administrator rights should be furnished during the training. If a computer is not furnished, the OMNITREND® software will not be installed.

*Equipment rental available. Contact us or call us at (305) 591-8935 for pricing.

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