Levelness and Flatness Measurement Training

2-Day Class

Leveling and Flatness Measurement with ROTALIGN® ULTRA and LEVALIGN®

Flatness Measurement Training


  • Introduction to Measurement Terminology and Concepts
    • Straightness
    • Flatness
    • Levelness
  • Review of Basic Methodology
    • Optics
    • Laser plane principle
  • Introduction to Hardware Components
    • Setup of system hardware
    • Setting up industrial tripod
    • Mounting rotating laser
    • Leveling rotating laser
    • Mounting sensor bracket
    • Bucking in the laser
  • Firmware
    • Setting up measurement surface and grid
    • Taking Measurements
    • Evaluating Results: Level and Flat
    • Optimizing Options
    • Accuracy
    • Tolerances
    • Targets
    • File Saving and Report Generation
  • PC Software (LEVALIGN® only)
    • File Transfer and Hierarchy
    • InfiniSplice
    • View and Data Options
    • Report Generation and Options

Student should have straightness and flatness measuring experience in general; some exposure to the measuring system would also be helpful but is not required.


Onsite Group Training
We can bring this class to you, classes are limited to 6 participants. You furnish an instrument to be used in the training course, a classroom with a large erasable marker board, 4 color markers, a projector and projection screen. We furnish a training simulator and all training materials.

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