Induction Bearing Heater


The sureTHERM PRO 3X is a floor model bearing induction heater, to which a trolley (casters) can be added to make it mobile. The PRO 3X comes with a vertical crossbar and an optional lifting device can be attached. To be used for the precision mounting of a wide range of parts, including but not limited to bearings (max. weight: 800 kg/1764 lbs). The maximum width for parts is 19.3”.

  • Gloves, grease, and 2 magnetic temp probes included
  • Standard voltage 480V



SURETHERM PRO 3X bearing heater

Bearing Heater Top Features:

  • Dual sensor control for 100% tension-free heating
  • Touch screen for real-time feedback, access to operator settings, and on-screen error reporting
  • Count down start timer
  • Different heating modes: 1 sensor / 2 sensors / Time mode / Ramp or Temperature Hold mode. The Ramp or Temperature Hold mode can be used at the end of the heating cycle to maintain the temperature of the heated workpiece.
  • All-stainless steel housing
  • Data download and reporting capabilities and visual heating cycle graphs


  • Remote control
  • Different sizes of crossbars and extension posts
  • Fitting mounting toolset
  • Trolley (casters)
  • Lifting device
  • Upgrade to 600V