SDT270 Ultrasound system

Ultrasound Testing (Ut) is a key element in a successful Asset Condition Management program. At a relatively insignificant capital entry cost, the benefits to reliability and operating cost savings produced by this technology can be truly enormous.

The SDT270 can quickly and easily detect air and steam leaks for huge energy savings and greater capacity. Another application for the SDT270 is bearing condition monitoring, particularly lubrication. The SDT270 lets you pinpoint precisely when the optimal lubrication state of a bearing has been achieved while lubricating it, thereby preventing premature wear, friction, heat, and efficiency losses.

Dangerous electrical faults such as arcing tracking and corona can also be easily (and safely!) detected with the SDT270.

The SDT270 platform with its ULTRANALYSIS® SUITE 3 (UAS) software can grow with your needs and help you reap the benefits of ultrasound technology in your reliability program.

Use your SDT270 ultrasound solution for a number of applications in your plant.

  • Bearing Monitoring– Monitor and maintain the health of your bearings.
  • Leak Detection– Apply the SDT270 to your air, steam and gas leak detection efforts, and save up to 40% on energy costs. Convert the measurement to flow rates with the SDT LEAKReporter, a free App for iOS and Android. SDT LEAKReporter generates reports and archives your leak data to the cloud.
  • Electrical Systems– Detect and record electrical faults with ultrasound technology.
  • Steam Traps– Ensure that you’re maintaining a clean steam system for maximum efficiency at your industrial site.
  • Valve Monitoring– Detect valve defects and identify failures.
  • Condition Monitoring– Protect your plant against downtime with efficient and accurate condition monitoring through ultrasound analysis.
  • Pump Cavitation has a destructive effect on pump’s internal components. Use the SDT270 to isolate pump vanes and listen for small air pocket explosions.
  • Marine Applications– Protect the integrity of your cargo and sealed spaces.
  • Tank Test – Use your SDT270 to test underground storage tanks.
SDT270 Ultrasound Bearing Lubrication

Top Features:

  • Measure ultrasound, vibration, RPM, humidity, and temperature with one instrument
  • Two-channel inputs to connect ultrasound and multi-function sensors with accessories simultaneously
  • Unmatched accuracy and repeatability for reliable trending and analysis in ultrasound detection and measurements.