SDT SHERLOG Reporter App

Hatch cover tightness testing reporting

Do your ships leak? Protect your cargo’s integrity from seawater and weather damage —test your hatch covers for tightness with ultrasound. Then use our SDT SHERLOGReporter App to quickly create comprehensive hatch cover test reports and share them with principals in real-time. Our family of SDT Sherlog Ultrasound Detectors and our SDT HATCHecker have a proven track record in the marine industry for tightness testing of hatch covers and on-board maintenance.

Manage your surveys with the SHERLOGReporter App:

  • Perform your on-site functional test and log test results.
  • Indicate leaky areas, whether spots or linear leaks, on the dedicated hatch cover, window, or door formats.
  • Assign one or more photographs to leak sites.
  • Synchronize your survey with the web platform.
  • Send or share your final hatch cover test report with principals or colleagues in real-time.
  • Log-in to the SDT web platform to manage your surveys.
SDT SHERLOG Reporter App use in the Field and in the Office

SHERLOGReporter CMS 2.0

Manage your surveys online & create reports

Access and edit your data, prepare inspection, test, and repair reports in real-time. Create customized and high standard inspection and test reports.