Wireless Sensor and Gateway

The Sensoteq Kappa wireless vibration sensor provides continuous health monitoring for industrial machinery. With our unique electronic framework embedded inside, you can count on the Kappa sensor to monitor your equipment even under the harshest of conditions. The wireless Kappa sensor is well suited for a wide range of industries; manufacturing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, food & beverage, packaging, power generation, or anywhere that has rotating equipment.

Available in an intrinsically safe version.

Wireless Sensors mounted


The Sensoteq Analytix® platform provides a clean interface from which to view the data generated from our Kappa wireless sensor range.  Data is broken down automatically and displayed to the user in a simple hierarchy that lets the user locate poorly performing or at-risk machines quickly.  View the data at a level that suits you as a user – stay with the traffic light system, or drill down into the time waveforms and spectrums and start analyzing with an array of tools. Learn more.

Analytix Condition Monitoring Software on PC screen