Easy-Laser® XT980 Sawmill

The Easy-Laser® XT980 Sawmill system will help you increase efficiency and save money on your sawmill. The system measures straightness, flatness, and squareness. Simple to use, even for your own maintenance and production staff. Equally useful on band saws and circular saws.

Easy-Laser XT980 is a laser-based measurement and alignment system that helps sawmills to make optimal use of their facilities. Correctly set up machines make it possible to maintain a high rate of production with the highest quality end products hour after hour.

Easy-Laser XT980 makes it fast and easy to measure and adjust reducers, counter holds, bands, and circular saw blades. The laser transmitter in XT980 can be used as a rotated point, which gives a ”plane” to measure against. It replaces the traditional cord/wire, that was tensioned in the center and enables you to move around freely in the machine, screwing and adjusting, while following the result of the adjustment in real-time.

With XT980 you can measure straightness, flatness, and squareness in relation to the vertical and horizontal planes if you wish. The system is easy for production and maintenance personnel to use and works for both band and circular saws. In addition, it is excellent for measuring flatness and ensuring that the base remains stable and level.

There is a rapid return on the investment through fewer production stoppages and more even quality in the sawn timber.

XT980 Sawmill Alignment Training Syllabus

  • Importance of measurement and alignment of sawmill machinery to improve safety, reliability, and production
  • Prepping for measurements
    • Machine preparation
    • Required tools for the task
    • Calibration of laser
  • Measurement of Sawmill Applications:
    • Straightness
    • Flatness
    • Squareness
    • Parallelism
    • Plumb
    • Reference Benchmarks
  • Documentation

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