Easy-Laser® E950

Easy-Laser® E950 Bore Alignment system makes checking and aligning bearings and bearing journals easier thanks to wireless detectors and versatile brackets. A large color display with clear graphics and firmware that guides the user step-by-step through the entire measurement process makes it easy.

The system automatically calculates the bearing journals’ position in relation to each other, both horizontally and vertically. You can then evaluate the results directly on-site from different perspectives and calculation methods such as Best Fit around zero and Waviness. It is also possible to analyze the different choices of reference points and set offset and tolerance values. Another new feature is the check for ovality, to analyze the wear rate. The measurement system takes care of all these complex calculations for you. You simply measure and align both full and half bearing journals with equal ease. The wireless detector eliminates risks of cable pull and makes moving around easy. All components are designed for maximum accuracy and stability, and let you measure with a resolution of 0.001 mm [0.05 mils]. Measure distances of up to 40 m [130 feet].

  • The EASY-LASER is a great tool to have when conducting bore alignment. Once the laser is set up, the measurements can be taken in a matter of seconds, accurate to the nearest thousandth of a millimeter. In that regard, as well as the fact that it is smaller, lighter and easier to transport than optical alignment equipment, it is a far superior alternative!

    –Tim Crimmins, Field Service Engineer, AMEsolutions

We offer four versions of the measurement system.

  • Easy-Laser® E950-A and E950-C are designed primarily for diesel engines (for crank and camshaft bearings), gearboxes, compressors and similar applications. Positioning workpieces in machine tools is also an ideal application. Difference between A & C is type of detector and bracketing.
  • Easy-Laser® E950-B and E950-D are designed primarily for propeller shaft installations on ships with stern tubes, support bearings, gearboxes and engines. Difference between B & D is type of detector and bracketing.

With these systems, you can also measure the straightness of shafts, foundations, etc. without the need for any additional accessories. With the measuring devices for shaft alignment (accessories), you have the most complete measurement system to align your entire drive train. Programs for all types of measurements are included as standard. You simply adapt the measurement system with brackets and detectors for any of your applications now and in the future.


  • Importance of machinery alignment to improve safety, reliability, and production
  • Introduction to bore alignment principles
  • Prepping for measurements
    • Bracket assembly
    • Laser setup
    • Laser centering process (buck-in)
  • Measuring and correcting misalignment
    • Dimensions
    • Measure
    • Set reference bores
    • Results views (graph, table, 3D view, roundness)
  • Documentation


E950 Bore Alignment in use
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