No Excuses for Equipment and Bearing Failures


Please join us virtually and learn from our highly experienced instructors. Topics covered include how to use condition monitoring technologies to reduce equipment and bearing failures and downtime, thus improving safety and extending asset life.

Our September webinar series will include four short technical presentations complemented by a live demonstration utilizing the technology, and a Q&A via a live chat with the presenters —all in 60 minutes each and complimentary!

Each learning session includes a downloadable handout to follow along with and a Certificate of Completion at the end of each one. Register now!

10 Things to Watch Out for When Heating a Workpiece (Bearing)

September 21st - 9:00 AM EST

Presenter: Bernd Seidenthal, CRL, V-CAT-I, ASNT Level1 Ultrasound

Featured Technology: Induction Heating

One of the most overlooked processes in the life of a machine is the proper installation of a bearing. It is the one process that can immediately impact the life of a machine. It is important to have a procedure in place as well as the best method possible for the proper installation of a bearing. If a bearing is damaged during installation or not installed properly, no amount of alignment or lubrication will save that bearing.


  • Whatever method is used for installation, there should be some minimum requirements that the methods meet.
  • A procedure is very important to assure the installation will be done correctly every time.
  • Additional items that could enhance the method used for the installation.

A live demonstration will be used to address these topics, and a Q&A session will be held afterward.

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Top 10 Most Common Leaks

September 23rd - 9:00 AM EST

Presenter: Dave Leach, CRL, CMRP, CMRT, V-CAT-III, ASNT Level1 Ultrasound

Featured Technology: Ultrasonic Imaging and Airborne Ultrasound

Compressed air and compressed gas systems are critical in modern manufacturing facilities and leaks can have a significant impact on a company’s financial bottom line.  If a leak is from a gas that is volatile, such as with natural gas the identification and repair of that leak becomes an urgent priority.  Biotech facilities use compressed air to precisely control the humidity and temperature of the process and if it falls outside of a specific range it can ruin months or even years of research costing millions of dollars.

Locating compressed air and gas leaks using ultrasound, and then making the necessary repairs, can have tremendous payback in dollars lost due to these leaks.


  • The procedure for finding leaks
  • The 10 most common areas to find leaks
  • What are the costs associated with compressed gas & air leaks

The live demonstration will be used to address these topics, and a Q&A session will be held afterward.

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  • I appreciate the time and effort that it took to build the training displays and put the presentations together. It was definitely informative and provided the information/steps to bring a maintenance reliability program to the next level!

    –T.A., Flint Hills Resources

10 Obstacles Making your Alignment a Challenge

September 28th - 9:00 AM EST

Presenter: Tim Rogers, CRL, ASNT Level1 Ultrasound

Featured Technologies: Laser Alignment

Shaft alignment is a key component to equipment reliability, and there are many factors that can make the process of performing shaft alignment difficult. This webinar will discuss 10 common obstacles that can make it a challenge when performing precision shaft alignment, and how to tackle them to make the alignment process more efficient. These obstacles can be broken down into obstacles that should be addressed before the alignment begins and obstacles that can arise when performing the alignment.


  • Proper alignment preparation and training
  • Providing a detailed map to precision alignment
  • Giving the millwright a chance to reach the finish line

A live demonstration will be used to address these topics, and a Q&A session will be held afterward.

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10 Helpful Elements for New and Existing Vibration Programs

September 30th - 9:00 AM EST

Presenter: Mickey Harp, CRL, V-CAT-II, ASNT Level1 Ultrasound

Featured Technology: Vibration Analysis

Having over 20 years of experience in assisting customers across many different industries setting up a condition monitoring program, Mickey Harp has created a checklist to assist beginners and the experienced alike. Ten helpful elements for new and existing vibration programs will cover many topics such as cables, sensors, sensor collection, sensor mounting, alarms, database setup, and other helpful elements.  While some of the topics might seem elementary, most of the time the little items are always overlooked and seen as not important.

A live demonstration will be used to address these topics, and a Q&A session will be held afterward.

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  • Thank you for the excellent webinars! I learned a lot. Your team did a very nice job modifying the training for a web audience rather than a live audience. I'm sure it is difficult to do this kind of training without getting feedback cues from the audience, and they did an excellent job with it.

    ––T.M., Blower Manufacturer - Coatesville, PA