Compressed Air and Electrical Reports

SonaVu InSights Software

SonaVu Insights Software on PC Screen

SonaVu InSights™ is a web application for creating instant reports of compressed air leaks and electrical asset surveys performed with the SonaVu Acoustic Imaging Camera from SDT. Document findings, prioritize repairs, estimate cost impact, eliminate energy waste, and save money with this free application.

SonaVu™ is a multi-frequency acoustic imaging camera that blends visual and auditory senses to bring compressed air waste and failing or faulty electrical equipment into focus. Images and videos of compressed air leaks and electrical faults discovered using the SonaVu™ Acoustic Imaging Camera are uploaded to SonaVu InSights™ Report Library for seamless reporting and sharing.

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The SonaVu InSights™ Image & Report Library

  • Upload and store unlimited ultrasound and acoustic imaging data fast.
  • Generate in-depth reports in the blink of an eye.
  • Safely and securely store ultrasound and acoustic imaging data & reports.
  • Organize, search and filter through your Image & Report library based on title, cost savings impact, notes, location, reporting technician, part number/asset, “repeat offenders”, date & time, repair status, and production process powered.
  • Analyze data and reports based on chosen parameters (cost savings impact, and production process powered are the two most popular), then prioritize defects for repair.
SonaVu Insights screen capture