Ultrasound and Vibration Solution


The SDT340 is the latest of our ultrasonic predictive maintenance solutions to detect, trend and analyze ultrasound and vibration.

Use your SDT340 ultrasound solution for a number of applications in your plant.

  • Ultrasound Bearing Condition Monitoring – Monitor and maintain the health of your bearings.
  • Ultrasound Leak Detection – Apply the SDT340 leak detector to your air leak, steam leak and gas leak detection efforts, and save up to 40% on energy costs. Convert the measurement from the SDT340 leak detector to flow rates with the SDT LEAKReporter, a free App for iOS and Android. SDT LEAKReporter generates reports and archives your leak data to the cloud.
  • Electrical Systems – Detect electrical faults with ultrasound technology.
  • Steam Traps – Ensure that you’re maintaining a clean steam system for maximum efficiency at your industrial site.
  • Valve Monitoring – Detect valve defects and identify failures with ultrasound technology.
  • Condition Monitoring – Protect your plant against downtime with efficient and accurate condition monitoring through ultrasound analysis.
  • Pump Cavitation has a destructive effect on the pump’s internal components. Use the SDT340 to isolate pump vanes and listen for small air pocket explosions.
  • Marine Applications – Protect the integrity of your cargo and sealed spaces.
  • Tank Test – Use your SDT340 to test underground storage tanks.