SDT FLEX-US Ultrasound Leak Detector

Compressed air leaks account for between 30 and 40 percent of the total air demand in most plants. In fact, the compressor room ranks as the third-highest consumer of energy in most facilities. Finding and fixing leaks is your quickest and best opportunity for reducing sky-high energy costs.

If your machinery isn’t sealed tightly, you’re wasting energy. Worse, if there are pneumatic leaks in your vehicles’ brake systems, you could be creating safety risks. To detect leaks, stop unnecessary expenses and ensure safer vehicles, rely on the SDT FLEX-US.

This ultrasonic detection device and kit is designed to help you detect leaks accurately and at a low cost. It is the essential ultrasound solution offered by SDT. The FLEX-US is crafted around the popular “flexible sensor” that makes it easy and safe to reach equipment for testing. You’ll easily detect leaks despite the ambient factory noise.