Laser Shaft Alignment System

Easy-Laser® XT770

The Easy-Laser® XT770 Shaft Alignment Tool allows accurate and efficient shaft alignment of horizontal and vertically/flange mounted machines plus aligns unlimited machine trains, measures twist of foundation, soft foot, thermal growth, bearing clearance, and more.

Top Features:

  • Advanced capabilities such as continuous sweep and multi-point measurement modes.
  • 360Live feature allows for adjustment with units positioned at any angle around the shaft
  • Program for Machine Trains (unlimited)
  • Program and hardware for Twist/Flatness base measurement
  • Built-in ANSI/ASA Shaft Alignment Tolerances
  • Alignment data can be stored in the XT application, USB drive or emailed directly as a PDF report including measurement data, color images, and signature.
  • Track machine movement over time with EASYTREND (optional DM-brackets required)
  • Cardan shaft alignment (optional cardan bracket required)
  • The intuitive user interface guides you through the measurement process
  • Purchase multiple systems with various capabilities, train just once! The training costs are minimized significantly since the App interface and basic functionality is identical across all XT systems.


  • A system with or without alignment computer
  • On-board IR camera option for XT11 display unit —measure heat profiles before and after alignment!
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis with optional XT280 VIBROMETER
  • Align belt and chain drives with optional XT190 BTA hardware
  • Flatness and straightness measurements with optional GEO kit