Easy-Laser® E940 Machine Tool

Easy-Laser® E940 Machine tool system is the market’s most complete system for measuring and aligning machine tools. You can measure straightness, flatness, squareness, spindle pointing direction, levelness and much more.

The transmitter’s laser beam creates an absolutely straight reference line— a perfect starting point for precision measurement. The measurement programs guide the user step-by-step through the measurement process* with clear graphics and instructions on the large 5.7” color display. It is also possible to use the raw measurement values directly and measure and adjust as required.

The system can handle most tasks in this field, across the considerable variation in machine design such as different types of lathes, milling machines, automatic drills, presses, water cutting machines, etc. Here’s just some of what you can measure:

  • Straightness of machine axis
  • Spindle direction
  • Alignment of spindle to spindle/tail stock
  • Squareness between machine axes
  • Flatness of machine table or machine bed
  • Bearing play
  • Bearing condition (g)

Compared to conventional methods, such as dial gauges, mandrels and stones, measurement work can be carried out much more quickly and accurately using a laser measurement system. Also, the results can be documented and compared to ISO 10791-1 and 10791-2 standards used for machine tools. The quick set up means the operator can check a machine more often; if there has been an accidental collision in the machine for example. Compare with the machine documentation to see if everything is ok before continuing production. This can prevent costly production of wasted parts that are out of tolerance. It can also extend the life of your machine tools.

Easy-Laser® E940, can perform almost any kind of measurement thanks to the extremely versatile design of the D22 laser transmitter, measuring units and brackets. The measuring unit can also serve as a compact and light-weight laser transmitter. Mounted on the cleverly designed spindle bracket, it can even point the laser through the clamping pin, and through the spindle. The measuring units feature our new HyperPSD™ precision detectors, making it possible to display a resolution of 0.0001 mm [0.000005”/0.005 mils].

E940 Machine Tool Measurement