Extruder Alignment

Easy-Laser® E930

Easy-Laser® E930 is designed to measure straightness and pointing direction, primarily on extruder barrels. Another application is hydraulic pipes, among others. Easy-Laser® E930 measures barrels and pipes of diameters down to 50 mm, at a range of up to 40 m. The transmitter’s laser beam creates an absolutely straight reference line— a perfect starting point for precision measurement.

During the alignment procedure both the detector and spindle are rotated, thereby self calibrating the system. This lets you determine the alignment of the centerline of the spindle relative to the tube’s center at the inlet end.

The detector’s measurement values are transferred to the display unit wirelessly via Bluetooth®, letting you measure more freely, without fear of any cable entanglements. The measurement system’s programs guide you step-by-step, using clear graphics on a large 5.7″ color screen. You can also produce full documentation for your measurement job, with direct generation of PDF reports, and database programs for PC for example.

The gearbox shaft center must coincide with the centerline of the extruder barrel. Otherwise the screw at the inlet end will press against the barrel, leading to abnormal wear of both screw and tube along with increased energy consumption. This wear can also result in metal fragments entering the product. It is also important that the extruder tube be straight so that the screw does not rub against the tube in any place, which can also result in abnormal wear and fragments of metal in the produced material. A good alignment also ensures a more even temperature of produced material which in the end results in a better quality product.

E930 ExtruderAlignment image

Easy-Laser® E930 is a complete system, with laser transmitter, detector and display unit. You can also add optional parts from our extensive range of accessories to build a system that suits your specific measurement needs and requirements, since all the measurement programs are included as standard. For example, add shaft alignment accessories for your other rotating machines, and lasers for flatness measurement of surfaces and machine structures.