Successfully persuading your management team about the importance of predictive maintenance requires a certain mind-set, one that embraces the ideology that any failure in selling predictive maintenance lies within your selling techniques and not the management team. Success will simply depend on developing the proper selling methods. You are more likely to have success if you show management why they, not you, need predictive maintenance in the company. We have always heard that managers speak the language of dollars. This is true.  Attempt to avoid all technical reasons for justifying PDM and make good arguments based on savings and profitability. Reduced energy consumption, increased uptime, longer machine life, increased machine reliability, and improved products are just a few in a long list of items that will result from good PDM. However, just stating these items will not be very persuasive in your selling attempts. You must show how these benefits relate specifically to applications in your company and present dollar figures calculating the value added by implementation of PDM technologies. Any data included with the dollar figures should be simple and easy to understand for a non-technical person. Trend plots, bar graphs, or pie charts are effective visual displays of such information. Your report should be concise but lengthy enough to convey relevant information.  Brevity usually works best.If you don’t succeed on the first try, be persistent and improve you selling techniques. Remember, the fault lies in your methods and not with the management team. Luck is not a requirement for success. Only the proper arguments are required. Once the correct selling strategy is found, success is sure to follow.

by Bill Hillman CMRP

We would like to extend a special thanks to those who attended the Facilities Tour in our Doral Training Center on Tuesday. The event started with an overview of our company by Frank Seidenthal followed by a keynote presentation “Getting Maximum Value from a PDM Process” by Bill Hillman.Ludeca Facilities Tour 2010Reliability 2.0 attendees were given a tour of our facility including our NUPIC approved calibration laboratory and they also had the opportunity to interact with the measurement instruments at our various maintenance technology stations featuring dedicated equipment for machinery alignment, vibration analysis, balancing, bearing heating as well as specialized systems and simulators for more demanding measurement applications such as bore and turbine alignment, flatness, straightness and leveling.All stations were equipped with dedicated systems for hands-on experience with the benefit of guidance and assistance from our attending application engineers.We look forward to our next event and to serving your alignment and condition monitoring needs.We leave you all with Bill’s closing statement:

The Key to Success We can train. We can change the way we talk. We can change the way we think. BUT! UNLESS WE CHANGE WHAT WE DO, ALL THE REST IS ONLY BACKGROUND NOISE.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL