Mr. Karl-Heinz Bank and Mr. Jürgen Rabe from Bilfinger

As Published by Maintworld March 2018 issue

When it comes to shaft alignment, experts from industrial service provider Bilfinger have relied on the co-operation with Swedish company Easy-Laser for nearly two decades. Now, the company is introducing a new generation of devices, which will greatly simplify the alignment process for clients and employees, especially in potentially explosive environments.

Maintenance Personnel at Bilfinger Maintenance in Höchst have been using laser-based measurement and alignment systems from Easy-Laser since 2001.

In addition to cost factors, the main deciding factor in our collaboration with Easy-Laser was their user interface, which is easy to understand and, there-fore, very user-friendly, explained Karl-Heinz Bank, head of Machine Technology and Service Technicians at Bilfinger Maintenance in Höchst.

In spring this year, the good working relationship strengthened further. After Easy-Laser had officially launched their XT550 EX shaft alignment system at the Hannover trade show, the innovative measurement system was delivered to Bilfinger, who was the first customer.

Without doubt, the old systems that had been in use for a long time were still reliable, as confirmed by Mr. Jurgen Rabe, Head of Pump and Engine Technology at Bilfinger in Höchst. However, the industry had been waiting with great anticipation for a new shaft alignment system.

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL

Safety in the Workplace

Many accidents can be avoided by simply following a company’s safety procedures. There are many things that might not be considered when thinking about safety. For example, keeping your workplace clean, and free of debris. If objects or spills are left around the work environment, anyone may trip or slip on them. Debris can also end up on or inside machinery and damage equipment. Knowledge of your surroundings can also keep the workplace safe. Know where the nearest fire extinguishers are, and where the emergency kill switch for your machinery is located, as well as emergency exits, and first-aid kits.
Improper attire can also be a safety hazard if not appropriate. Neckties are taboo and long hair should be picked up in a pony tail or tucked in your shirt. Loose long sleeves can get tangled with machinery. Protection for eyes, ears, and head is imperative while in the factory environment.
In intrinsically safe (IS) environments, any electronic components that enter the area must be certified as IS. An item can be deemed as IS when its potential electrical and/or thermal energy is low enough that, within a hazardous atmosphere, ignition will not take place. Cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players are not intrinsically safe and can be hazardous in explosive atmospheres. If working in an intrinsically safe environment, follow your company’s safety guidelines for a better, safer workplace.
Awareness and communication are also important when it comes to safety. Warning your coworkers when they are violating safety procedures can avoid many accidents. It is good practice to advise those around when a machine is being turned on, or when hazardous materials have been exposed. Always obey all safety regulations. They are in place for our own benefit, not just the company’s.

by Adam Stredel CRL