As Published by BIC Magazine June/July 2014 issue
“Companies lose money by running their equipment misaligned and unbalanced,  ” explained Frank Seidenthal, president of LUDECA Inc. “We want to help industry eliminate avoidable misalignment, unbalance and vibration-related failures.
“You can increase machine reliability and minimize costly downtime through precision laser shaft alignment and proactive condition monitoring solutions. When you have the best systems and support in the industry on your side, you don’t need excuses. Our mission at LUDECA, for more than 30 years, has been keeping America’s industry running.”
In holding true to that mission, LUDECA has launched two initiatives to educate and assist its customers and industry of the importance of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance solutions.
LUDECA has launched a microsite — Inspired by the company’s “Keep It Running” slogan, this site has been designed to support LUDECA’s new message of “No Excuses for High Vibration, Misalignment and Unbalance.” Visitors to will find a wealth of solution-related resources, including blog posts, video tutorials, white papers and other information on state-of-the-art maintenance technologies.
“The microsite is a clear message of what our alignment and vibration solutions allow our customers to achieve,” said Seidenthal. “This is the goal of every maintenance professional — to keep his or her equipment running safely and efficiently, as much of the time as possible.”
The site is filled with technical content that helps a user understand the benefit of a precision laser alignment, balancing and vibration collection and analysis in a clear and concise manner. This, in turn, helps decision makers to focus their efforts and allocate their resources more productively.
“Our customers appreciate the fact we are providing them with content they need in order to either improve their reliability program or to get one started,” explained Seidenthal. “This helps them get the funding they need to implement a world-class reliability program.”
The videos — non-commercial and rich in solutions — have been one of the site’s most popular features.
“The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ applies to the videos as well,” said Seidenthal. “They allow a user to form comparisons with problems he or she is facing at his or her facility and can draw conclusions about how best to resolve these issues. It allows one to look at a short video and recognize ‘that is our problem, now I know why my machine is failing.’”
Additionally, LUDECA has been holding “No Excuses for Misalignment” one-day technical, non-commercial seminars. Upcoming seminars are scheduled for Corpus Christi, Texas, on June 10 and Midland, Texas, on June 12, with additional dates and locations slated for the remainder of the year.
“We reviewed the number of phone calls we received during 2013,” explained Seidenthal. “Many of the calls started with ‘I just took over the program and have never used the tool before, can you help me?’ We decided it was time to hit the road and offer convenient venues that deliver content and true value to our customers in exchange for their valuable time and effort.
The machinery alignment knowledge event is a true learning experience with no sales pitches. Attendees receive a certificate of completion.
“Industry has lost an awful lot of talent either through retirement, attrition and/or cutbacks,” said Seidenthal. “Our customers are doing more with less and are finding it very difficult to get their new maintenance professionals up to speed, especially since many industries have done away with their own internal technical training programs. We are finding many of the new reliability professionals responsible for alignment tasks have not been exposed to basic good alignment practices. This is a great venue to gain alignment valuable knowledge a user can take back and immediately implement in the plant. Regardless of which method or system you are presently using, we welcome you to attend. You will not be disappointed.
“This is the alignment seminar of the year you can’t afford to miss — guaranteed!”
For more information, visit or call (305) 591-8935, or to register for the seminars, visit

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by Ana Maria Delgado, CRL