How to Determine a Vertical Pump’s Natural Frequency

August 29, 2017

There are two commonly used testing methods to determine a vertical pump’s natural frequency. The first method is called a startup or coast down. In order to perform this method a tach signal is required for the speed to be tracked.  The pump is started and the amplitude and phase are recorded during start-up and […]

Precision Maintenance: Belts, Chains, and Sprockets

August 22, 2017

Guest post by Brandon Weil, CMRP at Eruditio LLC Belts, chains, and sprockets, chances are you have at least one if not all of these in your facility, and chances are you’re relying heavily on experience and judgment instead of quantitative inspection criteria. All too often the importance of proper inspection techniques and defined replacement […]

A Better Black Liquor Process – Vacuum Leak Inspection

August 15, 2017

Reposted from ReliabilityWeb One method of detecting vacuum leaks is to use airborne ultrasound detection, a technology already widely used for positive leak detection in compressed air systems. But finding vacuum leaks is not as straightforward as finding pressure leaks, and often times, the method is abandoned in frustration. One problem here is the quality […]

Reliability Project – Don’t Stop the Beatings!

August 8, 2017

The word “thrashing” can mean many things.  Words like flogging, whipping, beating, head banging and many more are always included in the definition.  Do you constantly feel these effects when trying to manage or participate in a reliability project?  As a result, does the project become overwhelming, or lack support, or have steps and goals […]

Monitoring Plain Bearings With Ultrasound

August 1, 2017

For rotating machines, it is necessary to reduce friction most of the time to increase efficiency, decrease power losses and support loads. The element of choice is the well known team of bearing and lubricant. Bearings, in their different configurations, are one of the most efficient ways to reduce friction between a stationary and a […]