Online Vibration, Ultrasound & Temperature Data Integration and Monitoring

June 27, 2017

In today’s modern world information is found all around us and it is available at the simple push of a button; 24/7/365. Machine condition monitoring systems (online systems) have been around for quite a while, but they have typically been reserved for the most critical and most expensive machines at a facility. These critical assets […]

Benefits of Ultrasound for Condition Monitoring

June 20, 2017

May 2017 – Processing Magazine This validated condition monitoring technology is versatile and inexpensive with a low learning curve. Solving asset reliability issues becomes stymied when leadership is ambivalent about the benefits of adopting multiple technologies for condition monitoring (CM). When they do adopt them, they quickly learn technologies alone are not enough without the manpower to […]

Are You Wasting Time and Money on Quick Repairs?

June 13, 2017

Comments that I have heard in all types of industry are “We always have the time or money to do the repair over, but never time or money to do it right”.  Many times when equipment fails there is an incredible rush to get the machine back online due to some production requirement. This usually […]

Ultrasound Success Story on a Commercial Aircraft

June 6, 2017

Problem: Maintenance had no way of diagnosing if a hydraulic actuator had failed or not. On commercial aircraft, actuators are used to move many important pieces of the aircraft (A/C). If an actuator was thought to be at fault, the engineers would order replacement of ALL of the actuators in the region of the fault. This would cost several […]