EMBA Machinery AB uses Easy-Laser® Measurement Systems throughout its Production

April 25, 2017

Reposted from EASY-LASER® blog EMBA Machinery is a Swedish manufacturer of converting machines for the corrugated board industry. They acquired a measurement system from Easy-Laser® in 2015. Their machines can be found within the packaging industry all over the world. Thanks to their reliable function, short set-up time and high manufacturing speed, EMBA’s machines are […]

5 Key Things to Consider when Using Ultrasound to Find Electrical Faults

April 18, 2017

Most electrical cabinets are not hermetically sealed. Scan your ultrasound detector around the panel sides and ventholes to detect discharges like arcing, tracking, and corona. Not all electrical discharge faults produce heat. Use ultrasound solutions to hear what your infrared camera cannot see. Electrical discharge activity is amplified by high humidity. When performing ultrasonic scans […]

Case Study: Aligning Large Sheaves at 40 feet with Easy-Laser® E710 System

April 11, 2017

Early last year Bob Dunn with I&E Central, Inc. was approached by a customer with a unique measurement challenge. They needed to align two sheaves, 1 meter in diameter, separated by 12 meters (about 40 feet). While there are a number of sheave alignment tools available in the market, they employ line lasers, and their maximum […]

Ultrasound to the Rescue! A Case Study on How Ultrasound Prevented Motor Failure and more

April 4, 2017

As Published by Maintenance Technology Magazine March 2017 issue   When it comes to electrical systems, most failures can be attributed, in large part, to installation problems, water damage, insulation issues, or poor workmanship. Such failures pose a serious safety threat and have the ability to shut down operations entirely. Ultrasound technology is a proven way to […]