12 Top Reasons for using Precision Laser Alignment

March 28, 2017

Reposted from EASY-LASER® blog FAST AND ACCURATE Laser alignment can be done ten times faster and much more accurately compared than with dial gauges or straight edge methods (depending on the user’s skill). A dial setup will not measure down to 0.001 mm – but a laser can! QUICK TO SET UP, EASY TO USE […]

Having the Vibration Analysis Data Alone doesn’t Fix Anything

March 21, 2017

First and foremost vibration data setups must be properly configured to allow the correct results to be collected thus allowing the analyst to interpret the vibration data for defects. The defect findings should be presented in a manner that the personnel that are responsible for the repair of the equipment now have the necessary information […]

Using Ultrasound Technology for Acoustic Bearing Lubrication Monitoring

March 14, 2017

Bearings produce less friction when they are properly lubricated. But how do we know? How can you be confident that friction forces are where they should be? How can you confidently apply just the right amount of grease to return friction levels to normal? How can you distinguish between a bearing that need grease and […]

Uncover Hidden Savings and Opportunities in your Belt-Driven Machines

March 7, 2017

Reposted from EASY-LASER® blog Are you the type of person who, going by the principle of “We’ve always done it this way, and it’s worked well”, continues to use a ruler or a piece of string to align your sheaves/pulleys? If so, you can definitely save some money, by reading this. It is a common […]