Using Short-Flex Coupling Tolerances on Spacer Couplings when Laser Aligning

October 27, 2015

When using short-flex coupling tolerances, the centerline of rotation of each machine is aligned at the coupling center, which is the center between the flex planes, or average center of power of transmission points. Using simple geometry, it’s easy to see why short-flex coupling tolerances are too tight when using spacer couplings. In this example, […]

Reliability Is Not Just About Engineering—It’s about Culture

October 20, 2015

Guest post by Fred Schenkelberg, Reliability Expert for FMS Reliability In a previous posting (”Five Steps to Building a Better Reliability Culture”, posted on 10/06/2015), I discussed equipment reliability, reliability engineering, and reliability management. But this Holy Trinity of reliability does not operate in a vacuum. To create a sustainable reliability program within an organization requires […]

4 Steps to Perform a Simple Functionality Test on your Shaft Alignment Tool

October 13, 2015

When there is a lack of repeatability, or unexpected results are obtained during laser shaft alignment, a simple functionality test can be performed on the alignment tool’s heads to determine if they’re working properly. This can be achieved on a laser-and-sensor system, such as the ROTALIGN ULTRA IS or a transducer-and-prism system, such as the […]

5 Steps to Building a Better Reliability Culture

October 6, 2015

Guest post by Fred Schenkelberg, Reliability Expert for FMS Reliability Equipment reliability is not the sole responsibility of the maintenance engineer but results from nearly everyone in an organization making decisions that move toward the desired reliability performance. As a reliability professional, I often find it necessary to explore ways to leverage my knowledge of these […]

Proud to be an SMRP Approved Alignment and Balancing Training Provider!

October 1, 2015

LUDECA Inc. has been recognized by the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) as an approved provider of continuing education and training aligned with key subject areas related to reliability and physical asset management.” said Ron Leonard, SMRP CMRP Chair of APEP Committee As an SMRP Approved Provider, LUDECA is recognized for its best-in-class […]