What is a Compound Move and When do I use it to Benefit the Alignment Process?

September 29, 2015

A “Compound Move” is when an aligner performs both a vertical correction by shimming and a horizontal correction by moving a MTBM (movable machine) simultaneously. Traditionally, during the alignment process, after a rough alignment is made, the aligner will shim the movable machine until it is within the vertical alignment tolerance. Once within vertical tolerance, […]

How can you make your plant more profitable and stable?

September 22, 2015

Traditionally, company profits have been maintained and increased through three primary means: Increase the price of goods and services sold. Increase the amount of goods and services sold. Reduce the costs of goods and services sold. Options 1 and 2 can be very difficult or even impossible to implement in a competitive market.  Therefore, option […]

Proper Alignment for Machines with More than Four Feet Configuration

September 15, 2015

If the machine to be moved has 6, 8 or more anchor bolts, caution needs to be applied when deciding how to shim the middle machine feet. A method still used by many is to calculate the shimming for the inboard and outboard feet of the MTBM and shim accordingly. Then, use a feeler gauge […]

How our VIBCONNECT RF Wireless Condition Monitoring System Detected a Broken Belt

September 8, 2015

A customer with a need to monitor machinery remotely and limited to a small budget invested in the VIBCONNECT RF system to keep their machines running. During a routine check of the data, it was noticed that a certain machine was in alarm. The OMNITREND software easily identified the machine that was in alarm by the red […]

Thermal Growth Compensation with Alignment Targets

September 1, 2015

Thermal growth compensation has become fairly routine among laser aligners. For machines that run at high temperatures, most manufacturers will recommend a target to align to that compensates for the thermal growth that the machine is expected to undergo. That target only tells half of the story though. In many of the situations we see, […]