The Benefits of Wear Particle Monitoring with WEARSCANNER Online Particle Counter

August 25, 2015

All machines and their components will exhibit wear at some point. This can lead to loss of function and require corrective action. Wear particles are one of the most common sources of equipment reliability problems. They indicate that the oil is unfit and unreliable for operation in the equipment and will lead to damage in the […]

How to Analyze Unexpected Results After Performing a Shaft Alignment Horizontal Live Move

August 18, 2015

You’ve just completed your horizontal live move and you’ve re-measured to double-check your results. Now, it seems your coupling results are not at all what you were expecting. Does this sound familiar? All too often when this occurs, the reasons are quite simple, such as some residual soft foot, or coupling strain that affected the […]

The Importance of Monitoring the Condition of Spare Equipment

August 11, 2015

Facilities apply different management strategies with condition monitoring spare equipment. Some facilities do not routinely operate spare equipment until the primary equipment has failed. Others operate primary and spare equipment equal amounts of time. It is critical that the management scheme ensures that both primary and spare equipment are equally operational upon demand. As a […]

Proud to be an approved Reliability Leadership Institute Mapped Services and Training Provider!

August 5, 2015

LUDECA is proud to announce that they are now an approved Reliability Leadership Institute (RLI) Mapped Services and Training (MSAT) Provider. As such LUDECA provides training and services aligned with the Reliabilityweb Uptime Elements for the Alignment/Balancing (A/B) domain under Asset Condition Management (ACM). We are excited to be part of this program and thereby be […]

Testimonial: ROTALIGN ULTRA Move Simulator saves time & labor on multi-coupling train alignment at Eastman Chemical

August 4, 2015

The “Move Simulator” program is extremely useful on all types of machines but we have found it most helpful on multi-coupling train units. We recently performed an alignment on a 350 HP turbine/gearbox/pump train in one of our cracking units. The turbine had been replaced by the area Maintenance Group and the machine was supposed […]