The 10 P's of a successful Condition Monitoring program

December 30, 2014

Make sure that these P’s are part of your Condition Monitoring program in 2015: Proper understanding Proper employee training Proper implementation (applying the technology to the correct equipment) Proper setups (correct monitoring parameters) Proper monitoring intervals Proper standards Proper analysis Proper reporting Proper equipment follow-up (after-repair inspections, start-up inspections, etc.) Proper execution of the results (ensuring that […]

Understanding the consequences that resonance has on equipment reliability

December 23, 2014

Equipment is being built lighter and cheaper. This means that resonance has become more of a reliability problem with equipment. Most engineers,  CM analysts, mechanics and managers are not aware of how resonance may be affecting their equipment. Resonance frequencies will excite any vibration occurring at or near the same frequency. This can include misalignment, […]

Midlands Technical College benefits from shaft and pulley alignment equipment donation

December 16, 2014

LUDECA’s donation of its laser alignment system to Midlands Technical College prepares students for the real world.    Matthew Lester,  an industrial training instructor for Midlands Technical College,  was mindful of the good that would come from the donation of equipment from LUDECA. When Midlands Tech finally received the laser alignment systems and equipment, his dream […]

Shaft Alignment: Setup Basics

December 9, 2014

You’ve always heard the adage,  “Laser on the Stationary and Receiver (or Prism) on the Movable.”  In this day and age, however, this “truism” has become obsolete. You see, the concept of the “stationary” machine, per se, is obsolete. ALL machines CAN be moved if they really need to be (no machine grew out of […]

Making Sense of Oil Viscosity

December 2, 2014

Guest post by Dave Tiffany, Reliability Specialist for Pioneer Engineering If you have a gearbox with a manufacturer’s nameplate instructing you to use the American Gear Manufacturer’s Association (AGMA) #4 viscosity oil at a given operating temperature, or if it specified a 750 SSU viscosity oil, would you know exactly what viscosity oil you need? […]