Vibration Kills! Eliminating it could save the life of your equipment

November 25, 2014

Equipment vibration levels and bearing life are directly correlated. Many studies have established this link. Increased vibration levels due to misalignment,  unbalance,  looseness and other factors will greatly reduce the life span of bearings and other critical components within your equipment. It is not the amount of vibration that affects bearing life, but the forces that […]

Multi-point measure mode on large machines

November 18, 2014

At Enterprise Products an 8000 HP Siemens Electric Motor is short-coupled to an Ariel KBV six throw compressor. Unit was suffering from very large amounts of vibration causing excessive wear and tear on various components of the machine. This alignment is performed using the compact magnetic brackets attached to a huge Thomas shim disk-type coupling. […]

Can you answer a simple question: Is your equipment basically sound?

November 12, 2014

Can you answer a simple question? Is your equipment basically sound? It’s not a trick question. There are some things that the more studious maintenance practitioners among us have discovered through dedicated equipment failure data logging followed by mining that data. In his article “Examining the Processes of RCM and TPM” Ross Kennedy of the […]

Selecting the correct coupling type for the alignment in your laser system

November 4, 2014

When performing shaft alignment,  the most important goal is to align the machine to within proper tolerances. One criterion that has an impact on the tolerances that should be used is identifying and selecting the correct coupling type. In the setup shown below in Figure 1, spacer coupling tolerances were being used. However, in order […]