Live simultaneous monitoring of alignment & levelness on a pump-gearbox-motor with ROTALIGN ULTRA & INCLINEO

February 27, 2014

By Deron Jozokos with Shoreline Reliability,  LUDECA solutions provider for New England and Eastern New York I recently helped a customer with an alignment issue they were having on a pump-gearbox-motor machine train.  The problem was that although the machines were aligned within spec,  after a short period of runtime the 16, 500 HP motor shaft began […]

9 Bearing Fault Conditions you can detect with Vibration Analysis

February 25, 2014

Vibration analysis can detect the following bearing fault conditions: Defects on raceways Defects on rolling elements Defects in cage Looseness in housing Excessive clearances Bearing turning on the shaft Misaligned bearing Cocked bearing Lack of lubrication

Training for Success: How investing in your team can ensure a company’s long-term profitability

February 20, 2014

Guest post by Jessica Dieken,  Director of Marketing and Sales at Pioneer Engineering Employees are among the most important investments an organization makes. Investing in the right people for the job is crucial to the long-term profitability of a company. It costs time and money to hire and train new employees. That is why the […]

A little bit of vibration can cost you big!

February 18, 2014

Have you considered the costs associated with allowing your equipment to continue operating at excessive vibration levels? Have you considered the benefits of reducing the vibration levels of your equipment? The reliability and cost benefits of reducing the vibration levels of your equipment may surprise you. Below are some examples showing the estimated increase in […]

Lubrication Tips and Reminders

February 13, 2014

Guest post by Kasey McClain,  Mechanical Engineer at Pioneer Engineering Everyone knows that lubrication is crucial to the life of a bearing. Two common types of bearing lubrication are grease and oil.  I commonly see oil bath lubrication and oil mist along with grease lubrication.  One of the biggest problems that I have encountered with greased […]

Is your plant reactive rather than proactive? 14 Disadvantages of this Maintenance Strategy

February 11, 2014

It is impossible to implement good planning and scheduling methods Equipment failure is usually random and the root causes are very difficult to determine Higher level of equipment damage is experienced Higher equipment repair cost is experienced Higher spare parts inventory is required Greater maintenance staffing is required Higher overtime labor cost is experienced Higher […]

SHAFTALIGN detects severe soft foot condition and misalignment on rebuilt pump

February 6, 2014

By Deron Jozokos with Shoreline Reliability,  LUDECA solutions provider for New England and Eastern New York Yesterday I visited a customer at a ski resort for an alignment demo and he asked if I would demo our tools on his actual machinery, a recently rebuilt pump that was installed by a vendor. I readily agreed as […]

Do you use alarms for your OMNITREND vibration database?

February 4, 2014

Alarms can save time and assist in notification of impending issues when analyzing vibration data within your Condition Monitoring software. Of course the correct alarms must be set in order for the analyst to perform his or her job correctly. Too many times the incorrect levels are set for alarms causing a machine to either […]