A Rise in the Ratio of the Vertical to Horizontal Vibration Amplitude Can Be a Tipoff

April 30, 2013

One thing that most field vibration analysts will become aware of is how the directional stiffness of a typical machine will manifest itself in vibration data. The typical horizontal machine train (driver and driven) is fastened down to a very rigid foundation,  having little to no freedom of movement in the vertical plane. Although the […]

Testimonial: LUDECA alignment instruments and training have allowed me to do perfect work for over 20 years

April 25, 2013

I used the OPTALIGN non-visible laser shaft alignment tool before the visible came out. The OPTALIGN visible before the ROTALIGN came out and the ROTALIGN since it was first introduced. Then a ROTALIGN PRO upgrade when it became available. A lot of the alignment work I do is over great distances. On some occasions I […]

The two most critical points to consider when measuring vibration on slow running machinery

April 23, 2013

Is your equipment considered a slow running speed machine?  If so,  what speed do you consider slow? Is it 30 RPM? 60 RPM? 100? 200? 600? No matter what you consider slow speed,  the two most critical points to consider for slow running equipment are: 1) Does your vibration sensor (accelerometer) have the appropriate frequency […]

Do you have a CM toy or a CM tool?

April 18, 2013

In the Condition Monitoring (CM) world there are two types of instruments: toys and tools. A toy will be defined as an instrument that is used only a few times after it has been purchased. Perhaps it failed or is determined to be too inefficient or insufficient to do the job. The toy is then […]

Congrats to Millwright Winners at 44th Annual New York Citywide Graduating Apprentice Contest

April 16, 2013

Shoreline Reliability,  the northeast LUDECA Solutions Provider, was a proud supporter at the 44th Annual New York Citywide Graduating Apprentice Contest.  In the contest the graduating Millwrights were asked to layout, assemble and align a bevel gear project along with blueprint reading and perform laser shaft alignment demonstrations using the ROTALIGN ULTRA iS. All tasks […]

Vibration analysis solution company = ‘More for your money’. @BICMagazine interviews happy and satisfied VIBXPERT customer.

April 11, 2013

As Published by BIC Magazine March 2013 issue LUDECA’s VIBXPERT II is exemplary of the company’s line of products designed to ‘Keep It Running.’ The slogan is indicative of what LUDECA’s condition monitoring solutions are committed to doing — keeping U.S. manufacturing running and productive. The VIBXPERT II is a portable vibration analyzer with full […]

Size Matters! Don't be fooled by the size of the equipment you must precision align.

April 9, 2013

A lot of maintenance employees believe that small machine trains can be precision aligned more quickly and easily than larger machine trains. This is not always the case!  Smaller machine trains are usually less rigid. This can cause the alignment to shift as the anchor bolts are tightened.  Almost all small machine trains have some […]

Vibration Data Collection Pitfalls

April 4, 2013

Every vibration analyst relies on accurate data to provide the necessary information to base a report or work order on that will set in motion the activities of the maintenance department. Therefore,  the analyst must resist sinking into bad data collection habits. When early detection of a fault or possible problem is important (it usually […]

‘Keep It Running’ with proven condition monitoring solutions. A great interview article by @BICMagazine

April 2, 2013

As Published by BIC Magazine December 2012/January 2013 issue LUDECA has unveiled a new logo,  slogan and mission statement backed by the same fundamental values on which the company was built. “Our new slogan — ‘Keep It Running’ — is indicative of what our condition monitoring solutions are committed to doing,  which is keeping U.S. manufacturing […]