Seal Failures could be a Symptom of Misalignment

November 28, 2012

Often,  seal failures are not the cause of an incorrect installation or the wrong seal type for the product being pumped,  but a symptom of misalignment. If a seal starts dripping or misting product within days after installation, or suffers a “catastrophic” failure within weeks of being placed in service, the first suspect should not […]

The Vibration Analyst: War Stories

November 21, 2012

Every vibration analyst knows that our failures are quickly publicized throughout the facility or corporation. It is amazing how quickly this type of information is transmitted.  This is why most analysts develop a very thick skin or soon find another career path. It is important to make sure that your successes are publicized as well.  Management should […]

Choosing the Correct Alignment Tolerance Evaluation

November 14, 2012

There are several ways of looking at alignment tolerances,  including standard versus vector tolerances, as well as sliding velocity tolerances. The most used are standard tolerances, but which are applied differently for short flex versus spacer couplings. The best laser alignment systems will allow you not only to select tolerance types but also coupling types. […]

Condition Monitoring Follow-up Measurements

November 7, 2012

Do you verify the quality of the maintenance work or installation that is completed on your equipment?  You may be surprised to know that failure modes such as bearing defects,  misalignment, etc., can be introduced into your equipment as a result of poor maintenance practices or installation work. Condition Monitoring (CM) follow-up measurements should be completed after each […]