Using Consistent Condition Monitoring Terminology on your Work Orders

September 24, 2012

Do your analysts use consistent phrases or statements when creating condition monitoring (CM) work orders?  It is very important to convey concise and accurate information with each CM work order. Often times misspelled words,  inaccurate information or incomplete maintenance steps are included in work orders. A best practice is to determine the most common findings […]

Vibration Analysis Helps Identify Pump Problem at Water Treatment Facility

September 19, 2012

WATERWORLD • September 2012 The water treatment facility in the City of Fairfield,  Ohio,  uses vibration analysis as part of its condition-monitoring planned/predictive maintenance program to help verify and assure equipment is operating satisfactorily. The Water Treatment Plant processes an average 5.1 mgd for a population of 44,000 people with a customer base of approximately […]

Alignment: How to Configure a Gearbox with Three Feet

September 17, 2012

When dealing with a gearbox that has 3 feet,  there are two possibilities: a) If the feet are located under the shaft and bearing housings,  view the gearbox as a normal 4 foot machine. This will give you inboard and outboard corrections for the feet. The end that has the 2 feet should be corrected […]

Rise Over Run, The Foundation of Alignment

September 12, 2012

In any alignment situation,  one of the most basic principles is rise over run. Think of it as a change in offset over a distance. It is also a way to quantify angles without using degrees. When the laser system measures “angularity”, it expresses it as rise over run, or a change in offset over […]

Thoughts on Operator Based Vibration Data Collection

September 10, 2012

Many facilities have placed overall vibration data collection devices in the hands of their operators.  The goal is to give the operators and production a tool to help identify equipment problems and the severity of those problems.  The intent of this effort is very good.  However,  the true value of this effort is usually not […]

Is your CM group represented in your morning meetings or other important meetings?

September 6, 2012

Many plants have routine morning and weekly meetings to discuss equipment issues or upcoming repairs that could affect production or maintenance activities in the facility.  Are your condition monitoring (CM) and reliability efforts represented in these meetings?  Failure to have representation of your CM and reliability efforts in these meetings means that important information will […]

Precision Shaft Alignment – Choosing a Partner in your Reliability Program

September 4, 2012

By Daus Studenberg – Applications Engineer In my spare time,  I enjoy the hobbies of building bicycles and metal working.  There is something about making things from scratch that satisfies both the kid and engineer in me. I recently sold a hobby class CNC machine that I had purchased about a year ago.  It was […]