Q&A Webinar: The Field Balancing Mine Field

June 29, 2012

Thank you for joining us for our Webinar The Field Balancing Mine Field by Greg Lee. We hope you found the presentation to be valuable and very informative. If you missed our Webinar,  you can view the recorded version at any time. Watch now! Here are Greg’s answers to your questions: Q: Do you have […]

News and Testimonial from the EASA-2012 Showroom Floor @easahq

June 29, 2012

We just returned from the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Convention & Exhibition where we showcased our latest products for the electromechanical industry. We were busy talking and demonstrating our equipment to customers and prospects eager to learn about our maintenance solutions. The favorites this year were our new VIBCONNECT RF wireless condition monitoring system […]

Thermal Growth: How to Identify, Quantify and Deal with its Effects on Turbomachinery

June 27, 2012

TURBOMACHINERY INTERNATIONAL • May/June 2012 Thermal growth, as used in the field of machinery alignment means machine frame expansion resulting from heat generation. The generation of heat, of course, is caused by operational processes and forces. Materials subjected to temperature changes from heat generation will expand by precise amounts defined by their material properties. In […]

Top 5 Maintenance Tips to cut costs without sacrificing quality and productivity

June 25, 2012

Our training partners at Pioneer Engineering have created a few tips your organization can implement  aimed at cutting costs without sacrificing quality and productivity. Tip #1: Establish a Reliability Centered Maintenance Program A well established Reliability Centered Maintenance Program helps identify correct maintenance tasks to increase the reliability of the assets and cut costs by […]

How often do you collect vibration data on your equipment?

June 20, 2012

Vibration Route Frequency How often do you collect vibration data on your equipment?  Is it monthly, quarterly or even yearly?  Most of the time Management will allow data collection frequencies based upon the importance they assign to vibration analysis or available resources at the time.  Management may actually ask that vibration data be collected every […]

Vertical Turbine Bearing Alignment: A Case Study using the CENTRALIGN Ultra system and LEVALIGN Laser

June 18, 2012

A contractor from Spokane requested a bore centerline alignment of a vertical hydro turbine in northern Idaho.  After receiving more detailed information and visiting the site, it was determined that this task would be possible using a combination of the CENTRALIGN ULTRA STANDARD (a bore laser alignment system) and the LEVALIGN laser (a laser for […]

Experiencing increased vibration levels? Fan rotor unbalance can be the cause and VIBXPERT II the answer

June 13, 2012

PRUEFTECHNIK Canada Service Team recently conducted a balancing job for 5 exhaust and circulation fans using the VIBXPERT II data collector and analyzer. We are glad to share the details and successful outcome of  this job.   Unbalance is the most common cause of increased levels of vibrations. For several years, the vibration behavior of the fans had been […]

Tip for Pulley Alignment on Belt-Driven Equipment

June 11, 2012

Maintenance departments periodically schedule maintenance checks on their belt- or chain-driven equipment in order to confirm that a good alignment exists between the pulleys or sprockets, especially if evidence of premature wear on the belts or sprocket teeth is detected. For this task a Dotline Laser, Sheavemaster or Sheavemaster Greenline laser pulley alignment tool is […]

Using Optional Brackets with Shaft Alignment Equipment

June 6, 2012

When setting up your laser alignment system to align machine shafts, it is very convenient to have the right brackets for the job ready. The ROTALIGN ULTRA and OPTALIGN SMART feature fully assembled Compact Chain Brackets in the carrying case that are ready to go when you are. These can be used on a vast […]

Setting Alarm Values for your Vibration Measurements

June 4, 2012

Machines are like people. They all have certain similarities, but are different in many ways. Two exact machines in the same operation may perform and respond quite differently. Setting alarm values for your vibration measurements is critical for the success of your vibration monitoring program. Alarms will help the analyst identify when conditions on the […]