About Lines of Resolution

November 28, 2011

Lines of resolution (LOR) describes the number of lines of information that appear in the spectrum (FFT) acquired by the vibration data collector.  LOR can be calculated by dividing the overall frequency range collected (Fmax) by the number of lines selected.    LOR represent the amount of detail in the collected data.  Without sufficient detail in […]

Understand shaft alignment fundamentals

November 21, 2011

PLANT ENGINEERING • November 2011 Friction can cause damage, but it also can be an energy hog. Keeping your rotating shafts in alignment is a fundamental—and often overlooked—maintenance project. Alan Luedeking, the manager of technical support for LUDECA Inc., Doral, FL, talked with Plant Engineering (PE) about some of the critical issues in shaft alignment, and how […]

Laser Alignment: Lack of Repeatability vs. Lack of Response to Corrections

November 15, 2011

When trouble-shooting alignment problems encountered when using a laser system it is imperative to distinguish between lack of ‘Repeatability’ and lack of ‘Response to Corrections’. Repeatability: The consistency of alignment condition results between two or more consecutive sets of readings, without any intervening adjustments or changes in field conditions. Response to Corrections: How accurately the […]

Vector Tolerances for Machinery Alignment

November 7, 2011

If you are aligning very critical machines and your laser system does not offer you the ability to apply vector tolerances, you can still do so manually, by keeping these criteria in mind: The standard industry norms of 2 mils offset and 0.3 mils per inch of angularity at 1800 rpm equate roughly to vectors […]