As the American economy recovers, how aware, or active, are manufacturers concerning predictive maintenance?

April 25, 2011

March 2011 • IMPO MAGAZINE, iPurchase Supplement As the American economy recovers, how aware, or active, are manufacturers concerning predictive maintenance? Most manufacturers never lost the desire to increase their overall reliability and predictive maintenance efforts during the recent economic slowdown.  Some companies did postpone purchases of predictive maintenance related products.  However, a lot of […]

Preventing Vibration Data Loss in Disasters

April 13, 2011

You never know when disaster will strike and you will experience an issue with your vibration database file(s). Many things can go wrong with a database that may prevent it from being used in the future. Someone could accidently delete equipment setups, routes or even large amounts of historical data. The hard drive could malfunction […]

Myth and Truth Detecting Machinery Failure

April 11, 2011

MYTH:  A well-trained technician can predict within a window of a few hours when a machine will fail. TRUTH: This myth is common throughout industry and poses a danger to machinery.  The myth often leads to operating machinery with known defects for periods longer than is safe for the equipment.  Let’s explore the elements that brought […]

Online CMS – Value for Money?

April 5, 2011

February 2011 • WORLD CEMENT Robert Schmaus, Prüftechnik Condition Monitoring GmbH, Germany, outlines the benefits of applying online condition monitoring systems. What is condition monitoring? Condition monitoring is the process of monitoring machinery health or machinery condition, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing failure. It allows maintenance to be scheduled, or […]

Myth and Truth about Shaft Alignment and Shimming

April 4, 2011

MYTH: “You should always do your shimming first and then make your horizontal moves.” TRUTH: This is generally true for the final alignment after soft foot has been corrected, but is not universally true for all alignments. In fact, for the initial rough alignment you should correct the plane with the largest misalignment first, even […]

Problems managing, trending, alarming and analyzing oil data?

April 1, 2011

Problem: Are you having problems managing, trending, alarming and analyzing oil data from your oil laboratory?   Solution: Import the data supplied by your oil laboratory into your vibration analysis software.    Programs like the OMNITREND software will allow you to import, trend, alarm and analyze your oil analysis data. Oil data reports made available […]

A Practical Guide to Shaft Alignment —download now!

April 1, 2011

Laser alignment is an essential component of a proactive maintenance strategy for rotating machines. This practical guide provides information and guidelines for the implementation of good shaft alignment of directly coupled rotating equipment including terminology, alignment methods, troubleshooting soft foot, causes of machine breakdown and related case studies. Download your complimentary copy now!