Online Condition Monitoring – Monitoring Waste the Easy Way

February 28, 2011

Water/Waste Processing Magazine • February 2011 A southeastern US water company has been developing a condition monitoring program with LUDECA as their partner, to monitor their on-surface equipment with VIBSCANNER® and VIBCODE® systems. The current program has provided significant benefits and cost savings by preventing expensive pump and motor failures, as well as optimizing their current […]

Audible Recording of a Time Domain Waveform

February 28, 2011

I recently used an audible recording of a time domain waveform acquired with the VibXpert to help demonstrate the value of the actual “audible” sound of a bearing fault during a recent condition monitoring survey (baseline measurements) of a multistage circulation pump. As we know, the time domain waveform signal is truly the “raw” data […]

Coupling Redesign, Alignment, help Smooth Pump Operation

February 21, 2011

WaterWorld Magazine • February 2011 A Florida water treatment plant recently discovered that having full-flex (double engagement) gear couplings at either end of a spacer shaft connecting a Lufkin gearbox to a 13, 000 gpm Worthington water pump caused self-exacerbating vibration that eventually destroyed the gearbox twice within 3 months, requiring a full rebuild each […]

Quick verification of electrical faults with your vibration data collector

February 16, 2011

If, based upon your vibration data, you suspect that a motor has an electrical defect, then you can perform a quick verification check using your vibration data collector. Place your vibration data collector in a live mode or continuous measurement mode.  Turn off the electric power to the motor.  Any electrically induced vibration should cease […]

Video Testimonial: Shaft Alignment with OPTALIGN SMART

February 14, 2011

Mario Rostran, LUDECA Sales Engineer, introduces the OPTALIGN SMART shaft alignment system. Mario then speaks with Nihal Raval, a maintenance reliability engineer from SOLUTIA Inc., about how OPTALIGN SMART helped him. Read entire customer testimonial.

Laser alignment of exhaust fans saves time and money

February 1, 2011

Problem: Exhaust fans The exhaust fans at two of our process buildings kept having the same common faults (failed bearings, failed motors and running hot.). We spent over $4, 400.00 on one fan from 2008 to 2010 and over $5, 600.00 on the other fan on parts alone. Solution: Purchased an OPTALIGN SMART EX laser […]