Vibration Analysis Avoids Equipment Failure

November 29, 2010 • November 2010 Many manufacturing facilities use vibration analysis to detect early signs of machine failure, allowing technicians to repair or replace machinery before a catastrophic failure occurs. All rotating equipment vibrates, but as components begin to fail or reach the end of their serviceable life, they begin to vibrate more and in unique ways.Ongoing […]

What is a pump?

November 22, 2010

A pump is a machine or device for raising, or transferring fluids. All pumps do basically the same thing, the pump best suited for your needs depend on how far, how fast, and how much fluid needs to be transferred. Pumps are very critical to a facility as a whole and unwanted downtime can cause […]

VIBXPERT II recognized with Honorable Mention in the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition

November 18, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE The AHR Expo and its co-sponsors, ASHRAE and AHRI, have recognized our VIBXPERT II portable vibration analyzer and data collector with an HONORABLE MENTION in the TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS Category of the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. A panel of Industry Professionals, selected for their knowledge and expertise in HVACR, found our […]

Shaft Alignment has a Bearing on Lubrication Excellence

November 8, 2010

Machinery Lubrication, September • October 2010 In his book “Machinery Vibration: Alignment”, noted author and expert on precision alignment Victor Wowk illustrates the relationship between misalignment and loss of machine life. Of course, some equipment is more or less tolerant to misalignment depending on bearing type and coupling type. Likewise, the effects of misalignment are […]

The Impact of Washers on Shaft Alignment

November 1, 2010

Often, maintenance departments invest in good quality Bolts and Nuts (Grade 8), but neglect to do the same with flat washers. The importance of a good washer cannot be overstated. If you use a typically thin Grade 2 (or worse) flat washer under the bolt head of the hold-down bolts of your machine, this washer […]