VIBXPERT II is a finalist in the 2010 Plant Engineering Product of the Year competition

October 28, 2010

MEDIA RELEASE Spread the word! Our new VIBXPERT II vibration analyzer is a finalist in the 2010 Plant Engineering Product of the Year competition.All finalists will be presented in the November issue of Plant Engineering magazine, and online at In each category, Plant Engineering’s readers will vote on the new products they believe will help […]

Carlos Bienes and Adam Stredel join Alignment Division

October 26, 2010

LUDECA is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its Laser Alignment Division, Carlos Bienes and Adam Stredel. Carlos Bienes graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. His experience is in the field of heat transfer and fluids mechanics. Adam Stredel graduated from Florida International University […]

Always set up trend parameters in your vibration database

October 25, 2010

Defects occur at specific frequencies in relationship to the running speed of the equipment. Most vibration analysis software will allow these specific frequencies (bands) to be measured and trended over time. Trending this information will help identify problems as they occur in your equipment. This results in more accurate analysis of equipment problems, will help determine the […]

Getting to the Point with Vibration Collection Data

October 18, 2010

We often hear about the need to acquire vibration measurements at precisely the same location each time we measure a point. Why is this important? In order for vibration measurements to be trendable they must be closely repeatable, and we need to eliminate measurement error. With high frequency measurements, the vibration attenuates rapidly as it […]

Phase Analysis: Making Vibration Analysis Easier

October 11, 2010

Reliable Plant • October 2010 Vibration analysis is mostly a learned skill. It is based 70 percent on experience and 30 percent on classroom training and self study. It takes years to become a confident and competent vibration analyst. When the analysis is wrong, the recommendations for repair also will be incorrect. No vibration analyst […]

Measure vibration overall levels

October 6, 2010

The ROTALIGN ULTRA VIBRATION ACCEPTANCE CHECK works in combination with the VIBTOOL vibration meter to measure vibration level according to ISO 10816-3 international standard. The RMS velocity value is wirelessly transferred and stored back onto ROTALIGN ULTRA computer where the result is instantly evaluated against the machine classification threshold. This fulfills the recommendation of the […]

Many vibration programs fail because they become too complicated —Keep things simple

October 5, 2010

Many vibration programs fail because they become too complicated. Too much data can sometimes become more confusing than too little data. Many potential machinery problems can be eliminated with the analysis if one keeps in mind several simple concepts: 1. Vibration units such as acceleration are more sensitive to high frequencies than low frequencies. 2. […]