Now,  more than ever flatness checks for main bearing bore alignment in reciprocating compressors are critical to bearing and crankshaft life. Ariel Compressors have a strict tolerance for the top rail alignment and the ER-82 document provided by Ariel discusses this in detail. There are many ways to perform a flatness check so long as the equipment meets the Ariel guideline for accuracy. Many people have chosen the INCLINEO® but the LEVALIGN® EXPERT adds a new dynamic in versatility.

In Midland, Texas, Shamrock Field Services performs these alignments with the LEVALIGN EXPERT. When checking a large frame like an Ariel JGZ the LEVALIGN EXPERT gives the user consistent, reproducible measurements they can trust to make critical adjustments. During a recent job in Odessa, Texas the Shamrock group used their ROTALIGN® ULTRA IS and LEVALIGN EXPERT to check both the coupling alignment and the top rail flatness of an electric drive motor and JGZ compressor in less than an hour. LEVALIGN EXPERT image

My experience is with both the INCLINEO and LEVALIGN EXPERT; let’s just say I am glad we purchased the right tool for the job. The LEVALIGN EXPERT is quick and very easy to operate. It cuts time and makes for a more proficient report. Hands down the LEVALIGN EXPERT is the way to go.” —Geoffrey Jameson, Shamrock Field Services

The initial setup of the LEVALIGN EXPERT for a top rail measurement is simple. Because the LEVALIGN EXPERT’s self-leveling laser adjusts to the surface plane automatically – the system can be put anywhere within line of sight for the rails to be measured. Either a magnetic plate or a tripod may be used to position the laser. Before placing the sensor on the rail via magnet, you want to make sure the rails are clean and clear of debris or excess oil. Once the rails have been cleaned the LEVALIGN EXPERT automated sensor is placed at the first point to be taken. The motorized sensor will lock into the laser and allow each point to be measured. Eight total points should be taken in no particular order.

I would recommend that if you are going to check the top rail of your compressor to use the LEVALIGN EXPERT, it will save time and headache in the long run.” —Dewayne Atwood, Shamrock Field Services

Taking measurements with the LEVALIGN EXPERT takes less than 5 minutes on JGZ and other large-scale compressors due to the freedom of a powerful Bluetooth. With the measurement data recorded, adjustments can be made by viewing the information in the rugged ROTALIGN ULTRA computer. Several options are available for scale, 3-D view or Table view. These numbers can be plugged into the ER-82 spreadsheet or used in the Alignment Center software. Reporting may also be done in the field through the USB option.

Versatility in many work environments is a key factor to the completion of a job and the ease of use with the LEVALIGN EXPERT sure outshines the INCLINEO.” —Robert Beck, Shamrock Field Services

Special thanks to the team at Shamrock Field Services, a gas compression service company, for sharing with us their success with our products.

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, by Matt Hadad CRL