After performing forty Alignment Seminars in 2014, it was brought to my attention that the majority of the aligners in attendance ignore executing the Rough Soft Foot step in an overall alignment procedure. This step is sometimes referred to as gross soft foot, initial soft foot, or rough soft foot.

After Rough alignment and before Final Soft Foot, leave all anchor bolts loose. Check one foot at a time with a .002 shim or feeler gauge for any obvious air gaps. Fill the gaps as needed. This is the time to check for a bent foot or sloped base. Correct this now by step shimming or other temporary acceptable solution.  To correct the problem, re-machine the feet, base, or both.

Once the Rough Soft Foot step is included in your overall alignment procedure, you will find that Final Soft Foot will be much quicker and easier to get under control, and, in many cases, the Final Soft Foot correction will not be an issue at all.

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by Pedro Casanova CRL