Improved Trending Leads To More Accurate Alignment Targets
Thermal growth can damage your equipment and processes,  not to mention your bottom line. Monitoring positional changes it causes is a good way to keep this pesky phenomenon from getting out of hand.
LUDECA was contacted by a customer about a Cooper Turbo Compressor that was exhibiting high levels of vibration—the kind that could impact the unit’s long-term operation and reliability. Fortunately, the customer owns a ROTALIGN® ULTRA laser shaft-alignment system equipped with the optional LIVE TREND module that can monitor positional changes due to thermal growth over time. That capability offers great value for operations whose critical equipment systems are subject to thermal growth situations.

Thermal growth can be an expensive proposition for a plant. As machines heat up, thermal expansion causes changes in the alignment condition, which can lead to higher vibration and temperatures, along with higher power consumption and a consequent increase in maintenance costs.

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, by Pedro Casanova CRL