A black liquor pump-gearbox-motor train in a paper mill in the Southern US was found bolt-bound at the motor’s outboard feet.

After measuring the misalignment at both couplings between pump and gearbox, and gearbox and motor, the OPTALIGN® SMART revealed a large 155 thousandths move required, at the motor’s outboard feet. This move could not be made (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1

Using the OPTALIGN SMART’s Static Feet function which allows the user to select any 2 pairs of feet as “static” (as opposed to some other alignment tools, which only allow the user to select an entire machine to be stationary, not individual pairs of feet), we selected both the pump and motor outboard feet to be “static”, which means that no move will be made at these points.  This means the OPTALIGN SMART automatically selects a ‘new alignment line’ that connects both outboard feet of the train and the moves will be carried out on the machines’ other feet to align to this new alignment line.  Fig. 2 reveals that now the biggest move to be made was only 53 thousandths.

Figure 2

This was easily achieved with the OPTALIGN SMART laser shaft alignment tool… Problem Solved!

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, by Pedro Casanova CRL