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Shaft Alignment Fundamentals Wall Chart

By: Ludeca

Shaft Misalignment is a common problem in rotating equipment. Precision alignment means reduced vibration, longer component life, reduced safety risks, lower power consumption and other benefits. Our laminated 24” x 36” wall chart provides information and guidelines for the implementation of good shaft alignment of rotating machinery, best practices, soft foot, tolerances, thermal growth, and much more. Usually $50 each, but for a limited time, request your complimentary copy today!

  • I have had the opportunity to see, first hand, the improvement in the quality of alignments our tradesmen have been able to achieve and I attribute it to the availability of the wall chart received from LUDECA as the main reason. There isn’t much that the chart doesn’t cover but, it’s the references to thermal growth and the causes of lack of repeatability and response to corrections made that are the most helpful at least for us. As the Vibration Analyst on site it’s been a win-win!!! Thanks from all of us at Cameco - Cigar Lake Operation

    –Ben Harrison, Reliability Technologist

5-Step Shaft Alignment Procedure

By: Ludeca

A simple and effective procedure for shaft alignment of rotating equipment.

Soft Foot: Causes, Characteristics and Solutions

By: Alan Luedeking

There is nothing “soft” about a soft foot—instead, it means machine frame distortion. The effects of machine frame distortion are numerous and potentially very damaging to the machine. This white paper explains in depth the causes and characteristics of soft foot conditions and how to diagnose and solve them.

Best Practices: Machinery Alignment Shimming


There is more to proper shimming of a machine for alignment than meets the eye. There are several things you should keep in mind and look out for.

Discover How To Aim Asset Condition Management

By: Terry O'Hanlon & Steve Lochard

In this webinar, Terrence O’Hanlon, Editor, Uptime Magazine and Steve Lochard, Manager Special Projects, Ludeca, discuss how to aim asset condition management using the Uptime Elements system to get the most value from your assets. Steve Lochard provides valuable insight on the benefits of improving your alignment program.

Please note: this webinar if from a Third-party Website.



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Tech Notes

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For our Condition Monitoring Tech Notes, please visit our Downloads Center.

5-Step Balancing Procedure

BY: Ludeca

A simple and effective procedure for doing field balancing.




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Leak Management: Find-and-Fix Leaks

BY: Ludeca

An effective way to survey your systems and detect leaks.


By Tom Murphy, SDT Ultrasound Solutions

The measurement of ultrasound with portable devices to provide an objective assessment of the health of a bearing has been well-documented over the last decade. In more recent times, the interconnection between a grease gun and an ultrasound instrument has taken this process one stage further.

This presentation reports on a further evolution – the use of an on-line monitoring system using contact ultrasound sensors to provide a continuous indication of the frictional state and early failure state of rolling element bearings. Case histories showing how this technology can be combined with remote lubrication of difficult-access bearings to provide instant feedback on the benefit or otherwise of individual shots of grease.

Leak Surveyors Handbook

BY: SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Download our handbook and learn how to reduce or eliminate wasted compressed air with ultrasound through effective leak detection and repair.

HEAR MORE: A Guide to Using Ultrasound For Leak Detection and Condition Monitoring


About the Book
The use of airborne ultrasound by a wide array of manufacturing has led many to dub ultrasound a predictive maintenance tool for the masses. It is a technology with mass appeal, a wide range of applications, and a cost entry point that makes it accessible to practically anyone.

In this book, the authors guide you through the technology step by step, with each chapter dedicated to an application and how the technology applies to that application. You will learn how the inspection should be carried out, along with real-life examples of how these applications are currently being applied.

Airborne and structure borne ultrasonic inspection provides industry with an efficient solution for all kinds of preventative and predictive maintenance functions.

Download a Chapter Preview

Ultrasound Lube Technician Handbook

BY: SDT Ultrasound Solutions

Download our handbook and learn how to improve reliability and save money with ultrasound by making lubrication a condition-based task instead of a time-based task.




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Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide


The Asset Condition Monitoring (ACM) Project Manager’s Guide provides basic information about what an ACM initiative or organizational component is, how it should be conducted and who should be involved.

Uptime Elements Poster

BY: Uptime Magazine

A Reliability System for Asset Performance Management