High Vibrations Chart

Reducing vibration levels by just 15% could increase the bearing life of your equipment by as much as 72%. There's no excuse to let high vibration levels cost you! Increase machine reliability and maximize costly downtime through proactive condition monitoring.


VibXpert II
VibXpert® II

Vibration Analysis,
Field Balancing and more!

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Misalignment Chart

Misalignment means increased vibration, premature seal and bearing failures and increased power consumption. In today's competitive environment there's no excuse to let misalignment cost you money. Protect your machines and minimize costly downtime through precision laser shaft alignment.



Laser Alignment, Flatness,
Straightness and more!

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Unbalance Chart

Unbalance is one of the most common reliability problems found in equipment and it creates issues like structural problems, reduced machine and bearing life, increased vibration and many more. However, it is very easy to determine and eliminate these consequences with the right condition monitoring equipment. There's no excuse for unbalance in your plant – stop the costly results to your operations.


VibXpert II Balancer
VibXpert® II Balancer

1 & 2-plane Field Balancing,
Vibration Analysis and more!

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LUDECA's staff is always cheerful, friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Without a doubt, LUDECA provides the greatest service, training and products.

— Marvin W., Training Specialist

LUDECA offers the highest quality system at the most affordable price and absolutely fantastic technical support. I truly feel you are getting more for your money as compared to some of the others.

— Ray Wonderly, Vibration Analyst

The Shaft Alignment with our ROTALIGN ULTRA is a lot easier than with dial indicators!

— Michael P., Millwright

The Great machine! ROTALIGN ULTRA takes the guess work out of correcting Soft Foot and performing Machinery Alignment Shimming

— Chris S., Maintenance Process Specialist

The VIBXPERT II is very efficient at handling and processing vibration data. This unit does significantly speed up data collection time. It allowed me to have more face time with my customer and not be rushed.

— Kevin K., Vibration Consultant

With LUDECA, I always reach a real person and the support is a million times better than any other equipment support I have used.

— Steven K., Sr. Field Service Engineer
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