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  • OPTALIGN® SMART Firmware version 3.10
    For ALI 12.200 computer, use ALI 4.451 Memory stick and ALI 12.503 cable.
    For ALI 12.200EX computer, use ALI 4.452 Memory stick and ALI 12.500 adapter box.
  • SDT270 version 1.1553 included with download for ULTRANALYSIS® SUITE Software
  • VIBXPERT® II Firmware version 3.22 included with download for OMNITREND® Software.
    Use with VIB 5.430-2, VIB 5.330SUSB or VIB 5.331 cable and latest Update Tool. 


EASY-LASER is a registered trademark of Easy-Laser AB. ULTRANALYSIS is a registered trademark of SDT Ultrasound Solutions. OMNITREND, ROTALIGN, OPTALIGN, VIBXPERT and SHAFTALIGN are registered trademarks of PRÜFTECHNIK Dieter Busch AG.