Location! Location! Location! Vibration sensor placement is crucial.

June 24, 2014

For the highest confidence level possible while doing predictive vibration analysis work, location and placement of your sensor are crucially important to you. However, sensor placement is sometimes a trade-off between time, safety, and precision. Most equipment is mounted with the shaft oriented horizontally to the ground and the analyst must decide whether to take […]

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Two examples of how vibration monitoring saved time and money in heavy industrial settings

June 10, 2014

New portable and online-monitoring systems help extend the value of vibration monitoring into the heaviest of industrial operations. Here’s a look at how users avoided serious motor failure in mining and detected a critical bearing failure in paper-pulp production by using the right vibration products at the right moment. Case Study #1: A Phosphate mine […]

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Finding the running speed of a machine

April 8, 2014

Proper vibration data collection and diagnostics requires knowing the accurate operating (turning speed) of monitored equipment.  The most common tools used for measuring equipment turning speed are a tach (tachometer) and strobe (strobe light). If a means to determine equipment speed is unavailable, then an advanced vibration analyzer like VibXpert may have additional capabilities to […]

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Remote Vibration Data Collection in Rotating Equipment

November 26, 2013

Vibration data collection on plant equipment can be very problematic due to safety concerns, time constraints, access difficulties and other reasons. Solution: The use of a termination switchbox and vibration sensors can allow an analyst to safely collect vibration data away from conditions that could complicate or event prevent manual readings from being taken due […]

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Vibration Data Collection Pitfalls

April 4, 2013

Every vibration analyst relies on accurate data to provide the necessary information to base a report or work order on that will set in motion the activities of the maintenance department. Therefore, the analyst must resist sinking into bad data collection habits. When early detection of a fault or possible problem is important (it usually […]

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Thoughts on Operator Based Vibration Data Collection

September 10, 2012

Many facilities have placed overall vibration data collection devices in the hands of their operators.  The goal is to give the operators and production a tool to help identify equipment problems and the severity of those problems.  The intent of this effort is very good.  However, the true value of this effort is usually not […]

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