Why Do I Need to Use Time Waveform Analysis?

January 16, 2018

Condition Monitoring Expert Tip #7 by Mobius Institute Spectrum analysis provides a great deal of information about the health of rotating machinery. But you should consider the spectrum as a summary of the vibration within the machine. The Fast Fourier Transform takes the time waveform and computes how much of each frequency is present and […]

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How your Equipment Generates a Mathematical Model

July 24, 2014

Guest post by Ray DeHerrera,  Mechanical Engineer at Pioneer Engineering Vibration analyst use multiple tools to predict a potential fault in a machine; from transducers to accelerometers,  the toolbox for vibration analysts is continually expanding to allow for more comprehensive and accurate data collection and interpretation. One tool that is absolutely important to the data […]

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What is Cross Channel phase?

July 30, 2013

Cross channel phase is a process of using a two-channel instrument to determine the phase relationship between two measurement locations without using a fixed reference tachometer. The cross channel phase uses two time waveform signals: Using channel “A” as a reference it takes one cycle in the time waveform as one revolution of the shaft […]

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Audible Recording of a Time Domain Waveform

February 28, 2011

I recently used an audible recording of a time domain waveform acquired with the VibXpert to help demonstrate the value of the actual “audible” sound of a bearing fault during a recent condition monitoring survey (baseline measurements) of a multistage circulation pump. As we know, the time domain waveform signal is truly the “raw” data […]