SHAFTALIGN detects severe soft foot condition and misalignment on rebuilt pump

February 6, 2014

By Deron Jozokos with Shoreline Reliability, LUDECA solutions provider for New England and Eastern New York Yesterday I visited a customer at a ski resort for an alignment demo and he asked if I would demo our tools on his actual machinery, a recently rebuilt pump that was installed by a vendor. I readily agreed […]

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Recommended Shim Corrections to Minimize Potential for Soft Foot

September 24, 2013

While visiting a customer’s facility, I was asked if I could provide some tips on how shims should be replaced when making a required vertical correction on a machine being aligned. The following steps were recommended to minimize the potential for creating a soft foot: When possible, upon starting the alignment, replace any old, dirty […]

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Design, Installation and Startup Effects on Equipment Alignment

August 1, 2013

Design, installation and startup are the biggest contributors to a reliable or unreliable plant.  It is difficult or impossible for a Maintenance Department to overcome issues inserted during one of these stages. Unfortunately, most often the focus is placed on fixing the equipment after some functional failure has occurred.  The focus should be placed on […]

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The Effects of Soft Foot Conditions in Your Equipment

June 27, 2013

Soft foot conditions lead to a distortion of the equipment’s frame.  Soft foot can exist in several forms such as parallel air gap, bent foot, squishy foot or an induced soft foot condition.  A good laser alignment tool, adequate training and best practices will help you identify the existence and type of soft foot. This […]

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Size Matters! Don’t be fooled by the size of the equipment you must precision align.

April 9, 2013

A lot of maintenance employees believe that small machine trains can be precision aligned more quickly and easily than larger machine trains. This is not always the case!  Smaller machine trains are usually less rigid. This can cause the alignment to shift as the anchor bolts are tightened.  Almost all small machine trains have some […]

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Is Soft Foot really important?

May 9, 2012

Soft Foot has often been noted as the most inexact science portion of Shaft Alignment. Historically, when people think of Soft Foot, they often want to neglect, ignore, or otherwise do everything possible to not deal with it. This is one of the traps that leads down the path of bad habits, bad alignments, and […]

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