Shaft Alignment: Setup Basics

December 9, 2014

You’ve always heard the adage, “Laser on the Stationary and Receiver (or Prism) on the Movable.”  In this day and age, however, this “truism” has become obsolete. You see, the concept of the “stationary” machine, per se, is obsolete. ALL machines CAN be moved if they really need to be (no machine grew out of […]

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Aligning a Gearbox Shaft to Compressor Bores During Assembly with ROTALIGN ULTRA

August 14, 2014

Some weeks ago, a compressor manufacturer contracted us to perform ROTALIGN ULTRA laser alignment training at their testing facility. During the training, the millwrights mentioned that they had a need to align the gearbox shaft to the compressor bores during the assembly process, before the compressor shaft was installed. Since my ROTALIGN ULTRA also features the CENTRALIGN […]

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Live simultaneous monitoring of alignment & levelness on a pump-gearbox-motor with ROTALIGN ULTRA & INCLINEO

February 27, 2014

By Deron Jozokos with Shoreline Reliability, LUDECA solutions provider for New England and Eastern New York I recently helped a customer with an alignment issue they were having on a pump-gearbox-motor machine train.  The problem was that although the machines were aligned within spec, after a short period of runtime the 16,500 HP motor shaft began […]

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SHAFTALIGN detects severe soft foot condition and misalignment on rebuilt pump

February 6, 2014

By Deron Jozokos with Shoreline Reliability, LUDECA solutions provider for New England and Eastern New York Yesterday I visited a customer at a ski resort for an alignment demo and he asked if I would demo our tools on his actual machinery, a recently rebuilt pump that was installed by a vendor. I readily agreed […]

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Shaft Alignment: Prove it before you move it

January 28, 2014

Most of us know that accurate shaft alignment will increase the life of machine components such as bearings, seals, and couplings, and thereby help prolong the life of your equipment. However, performing a shaft alignment can be cumbersome at times, especially aligning multiple machines in a machine train at once. A multi-coupling train is an […]

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Fun Trivia: What’s Wrong with These Shaft Alignment Pictures?

October 8, 2013

Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out what is wrong with each machine relating to alignment and precision maintenance. These are actual machines we have recently encountered in the field and thankfully we were able to correct before additional damage occurred. 1.  Here is a motor that is turning […]

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