Ultrasound Finds Worn and Misaligned Couplings

January 9, 2018

Simon is a condition monitoring specialist from a local oil refinery. He contacted my office for advice about predicting flexible coupling failures. Currently, they perform basic vibration analysis on their pumps and motors using an overall meter. They have some success predicting bearing failures but the same cannot be said for couplings. Several unexpected failures […]

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Ultrasound Provides Inspection Insight

May 2, 2017

On a recent plant visit, our solutions provider Bob Dunn with I&E Central, Inc. used the SDT 270 ultrasound instrument and a contact sensor to inspect and capture waveforms on a series of valves on an automated manufacturing machine. The results were a revelation! These valves open every 0.25 seconds and pass a brief pulse of air into the […]

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